At Monday’s Gate

Ah yes, Mondays – the day of the week where the weekend fun takes a backseat to workweek adulting. In the spirit of making the week tasks arrival a little easier to handle I present this bit of entertaining exciting motivation. May it make the week easier to get into.
Of course, if this is not the start to your week, just come back when it is – the excitement will be here when you need it.

This Monday the Doomslayer would like to have a few words with the demons of Monday. 

Update Show for September 15

The time appeared for some reset and cleanup, or more like I was looking through some things and found missing links, incomplete setups, and a few other things I was not too happy with. Most of this was due to work and personal life issues. Since the majority of the content was random nonsense and there were gaps in the automations used to share between all the medias I decided to go ahead and do a clean and reset of all the social medias, posts, pages, and a few other bits. For anyone that’s been to the site before, this will look odd, since all the content suddenly disappeared, but fear not most of this will return with a little more context and background (’cause I am not about to let good music and jokes go to waste!)