Scratchpad with codeanywhere

(Note: This is a re-post of previous content – still good though!)

I’m going to write for a few minutes about this rather convenient tool called codeanywhere. It’s a completely web based code editing tool that offers the ability to edit code from several web sources (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) or a variety of prebuilt development environments called “containers” (kind of like docker).

The service is tier based, meaning the more resources you want to connect, the more money it will cost. However the free tier does allow connection to most of the web sources, and creation of some containers that will stick around until destroyed, but limits the number you can create. I will have to admit, up till now I have only used it for editing web code, like PHP, but there are containers for Net Core and C++. The editor interface is fairly simple, using only the basic editing functions of a simple text editor, but includes the added ability of recognizing symbols for functions and html tags and trying to close them while editing.

There is a lot more features to this very cool tool so, check it out at the codeanywhere site.