Update Show for August 16th

Greetings fellow wall climbing pandemic shut ins … or am I projecting? It has been a bit since I posted a State of the Website address, so here latest.

First, I have decided to lay off the meme’s … I had several months of meme’s and other assorted slightly amusing items queued up to post Mondays and Fridays. These have been the source of several resets over the years, as they were intended to be filler content, and an opportunity to test scheduling posts in Word Press. Well, the scheduling part definitely works, but they became less filler and more the only thing that was getting posted. So moving forward, I will not have nearly as many of those. I do not intend to remove what is already there, but I do not plan to maintain the every Monday / Friday schedule anymore now that the backlog is empty.

Second, I am picking through a few old stories I had on the site previously – I REALLY dislike the idea of letting content go to waste, so I want to re-post them but add an update or two to them. Honestly, I really cannot pass up the opportunity to pass up putting up a story about robots begging for their lives [insert machine-killing evil cackle here]. Also, adding to the backlog … *cough cough* … I am working on piece about a very old Chromebook (like first generation) and laptops not wiped before being sold. I am also toying around with the idea of Linux on very old computers … because why not.

Third, stay tuned, but I am working on some game servers … I know, anything to waste more time, but the more that I start trying to get these things running the more administration and minor details keep coming up. I hope to have everything working as designed soon.

That is all for now, till next time.