State of the Site

I became suddenly aware the other day that I had not posted in quite a while, even the automatic scheduled meme posting had failed. I even had to hide some of the posts, or better put, I hid them for professional reasons (somehow “F*ck it Fridays” doesn’t EXACTLY sound as professional as it does funny). I have been wrapped up in a lot of work lately, which has taken a toll on my mental energies. On the flip side to that I have been listening to a lot of “self help” (don’t judge) books on my commute to work and starting to reconsider goals in life. Which has lead to another excuse for my lack of posting, I have been spending a bunch of time on retro gaming and tech. I have some plans to something (to be determined) with this old stuff, well aside from keeping it from the trash, and just making random posts about it.

In other updates…

  • I felt the need to rename the Friday category to something a little cleaner, but the posts about being glad it is Friday definitely will not stop.
  • Mondays have gotten a second category, I have found that I need a kick to get started on Mondays, and with that I introduce ‘Music Mondays’, probably mostly heavy metal and hard rock, but a few other things may creep in the play list, stay tuned.
  • The first two projects that I have been thinking about for a while is a collection of writings I have been working on for a long while. It started off as a book, but well it might still up as that… In the mean time it will end up being the beginning of an idea for a fictional universe that with luck will be open for anyone to contribute to.
  • The second big project I have kicking around and wanting to try has been a sort match up of Mumble, some kind of forum software, and whatever else I may throw into that mix to make up a community sort of thing. The details are a bit fuzzy at the moment and at the moment it is more of a technical challenge, but we will see what comes of it.

This should all prove pretty interesting, in the past I would have waited for huge updates before posting things, but I am going to push for even little updates so stay tuned.