Is this thing on?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls … How the hell are you all !?

It’s been a while, but there’s been some good stuff going on. Since the last update I have gotten some new logos for the site and finally got the site switched from Digitalstuffy over to Fallingstuff. Now, I haven’t abandoned the old URL’s, they just point over to the new site now. I haven’t done much with my site since I’ve had it, but there’s some nostalgia with that old name that I can’t give up. (The same applies for that I was using for a very brief time – I’m holding onto that for some future plans.)

Next up Facebook and Youtube, as in I have set up a Facebook page for the site and a Youtube channel. I’ve got inspired by some Youtube videos on some retro gaming … and happened to run across some really convenient finds at some local thrift stores for encouragement. I’ll be posting some stuff soon, I’ve been hung up on getting all the details for capturing the videos “perfect”, which has not gone as well as planned. Oh and some 3D printing might be involved in taking some time too.

Lastly (for this update), I’ve started to set up some posts in a series I’m calling “Weekday Waltz”, a different topic for each day of the week. The first is filled under “Meme’ing Mondays”, the name is pretty self explanatory – Memes … on Mondays – the inspiration came from random posts I was putting on Facebook of the “No time to Explain” variety, It got funny, so, time to keep it going !

That’s all I got for now, till next time.